Research at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies

The aim of the department’s research strategy is to consolidate and further develop the research we have carried out for a number of years, both nationally and internationally, in a number of core areas; these areas must be supported and focused on.

Research groups

An important tool in the consolidation and development of the department’s research is a number of research groups covering both existing research in the department’s core areas and development areas for the department’s research efforts. The research groups are interdisciplinary and established for fixed terms.

Collective projects

Research centre

Research networks led by IKK

Algorithmic Software Culture 
Coordinator: Bjarki Valtysson

Art of Nordic Colonialism Writing Transcultural Art Histories
Coordinator: Mathias Danbolt

Collaboration and Community Building in Contemporary Art
Coordinator: Gunhild Borggreen

Interventions - A Research Network on Humanitarian Politics and Culture
Coordinator: Devika Sharma

Knowledge Production, Archives and Artistic Research
Coordinator: Karen Vedel

Research Network for Studies in the Curatorial 
Coordinator: Malene Vest Hansen