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The research at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies addresses on the one hand the individual art form within the disciplines of Art History, Visual Culture, Comparative Literature, Modern Culture, Musicology, Dance Studies and Theatre and Performance studies, and on the other hand the mutual interaction between the different art forms, and their relation to defining tendencies in culture and society. Furthermore, the research focuses on area studies and the cultures of everyday life, new media, contemporary artistic discourses and a broad range of cultural phenomena in society.

Art and culture can both be understood as art works of a special aesthetic quality, and in anthropological terms as a special practice. Our research relates to both definitions of art and culture, just like it encompasses both fine culture and mass culture, from Antigone to zombie films, from Schubert to Michael Jackson, from Titian to Japanese manga, from Shakespeare to musicals. We focus on both the historical depth and cultural heritage as well as on contemporary artistic and cultural phenomena, and we are interested in how art and culture work in practice as important fora for contemporary as well as historical social and political agendas.

As such the research at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies is characterized by its combination of a continued development of knowledge pertaining to the artistic forms and cultural traditions in their entire historical depth with a focused research effort which encompasses the role and function of art and culture in a globalised knowledge economy.

For further information see the section on specific focus areas.