About the department

At the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies (IKK) we research and teach – from BA to PhD level – in art history, literary studies, modern culture, musicology, theatre studies, performance studies and visual culture. The department houses around 1200 students, 50 researchers and 40 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.

At IKK we are known for our large and committed interdisciplinary research environment, our extensive communication about art and culture, our collaboration with the world outside the university and our research into artistic practice.

The research at IKK is problem-oriented, based on historical perspective, driven by intellectual creativity and strong collective research projects that are organized in six research clusters and one center:

  • Art and Earth
  • Doing Cultural History
  • Nordic Models
  • Digital Culture
  • Global Entanglements
  • Art and Health
  • Center for Art as Forum

IKK graduates work within a range of different areas in the art and culture world. At IKK we educate graduates that work at art institutions, in the literary sector, in the music industry, at theatre and performance institutions, in the creative industry, at music and culture houses, with culture administration, in the media, with events and curation, at independent art and culture companies and who teach at all levels, including teachers at high schools who teach in music, art, design and drama.

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