New member of staff at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies (IKK)

We are pleased to welcome you as a new member of staff at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies. On this page you will find information about your employment and the related administrative procedures, as well as information about whom you can contact and where you can learn more.

Employment contract

As a new member of staff, you will receive your employment contract by post. The contract is drawn up by the University of Copenhagen’s HR department in collaboration with the department’s HR staff.

See contact information for the university Human Ressources department.

HR staff at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies:

  • Financial coordinator Marianne Onana (responsible for hourly paid staff and permanent staff)
  • Research support officer Tenna L. Iversen (responsible for permanent staff)

Getting started: registration and access

When your employment contract is set up in the system, certain other elements of the system are also created which you must activate to gain access to the department’s and the university’s intranet, KUnet.  These are your personal password, your KUnet login details and your ID card.

KUnet is your gateway to all the university systems, and there you will find a wide range of information which you will need as a member of staff. Your employment and your rights and registrations in other systems are also managed via KUnet.

Please note: You cannot get access to an office, a key, an email account, printers and so on until you have received your personal password, KUnet login details and ID card.

For lecturers: The KUnet homepage gives you access to your webmail, the Absalon online course room and the university course database on There you will also find the employee guide and get access to various self-service functions, e.g. for producing compendia and printing. All the department’s curricula can be found on the Faculty of Humanities’ homepage.

Problems? If you have problems logging into KUnet with your KU username and password, you can click the link on the KUnet homepage to get help. You can also get support from the university’s central IT help desk; see the contact information.

When you have been hired

After you have been hired, you will need regular information on matters that concern you as an employee. The University of Copenhagen is a large and complex organisation. This means on the one hand that you will be able to find answers to most questions, but on the other hand that it can be a challenge to find out where to get the answers. This is a common condition for all employees at the University of Copenhagen.

Generally speaking, there are two supplementary ways to find answers and solutions to problems: KUnet or personal contact by email, phone or face to face. You can find the staff you need to speak to in the phone book, the department’s staff list, and under the menu item Contact