Research Network for Studies in the Curatorial

Curatorial Studies is an emerging international academic field exploring the cultural functions of curating and its relation to knowledge production in exhibitions, museums,and display culture. The aim of the network is to enhance research in curatorial studies by bringing together scholars from an interdisciplinary field, based in both universities and in museums. The interdisciplinary scope of the network will combine knowledge from practice based and academic research and cross-fertilize research into vital aspects of the changing roles of curating in contemporary society.

The network favors collaboration with teams in Nordic research institutions in order to consolidate curatorial studies in the area and prepare for future collaborative research and educational projects.

Project managers

Malene Vest Hansen, PhD in Art History, associate professor, Department of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen

Anne Folke Henningsen, PhD in History, assistant professor SAXO, University of Copenhagen

Assistant project manager

Anne Gregersen, PhD in Art History, postdoc, Department of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen

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