Critical Intersections

Working across Decolonial, Transcultural and (Post)Migrant Practices

Annarosa Krøyer Holm: Tent (Telt), 2015, plaster cast. Photo by the artist.
Installation view from The Royal Cast Collection, Copenhagen.

Coordinators: Mathias Danbolt and Anne Ring Petersen

The Critical Intersections research group explores the benefits of working with, between and across the theoretical areas of decolonial, transcultural and (post)migration theory.

Central research questions

Considering the histories of European colonialism and migration, as well as the continuous presence of coloniality to be often disregarded, but nonetheless constitutive frameworks for engaging with art and culture in the context of Scandinavia and elsewhere, the research group’s overarching questions include: How do we as scholars analyze and theoretically frame artistic and cultural practices that engage directly or indirectly with questions around colonialism, migration and transculturalism? What are the intersections of these histories and concepts? How can we make them central to our academic practice to help shift the dominating perspectives of our disciplines? And how can we contribute to the progressive practices of decolonization that are slowly but unmistakably gaining ground in the globally ramified academic disciplines of literature, art history and visual culture?

To explore this territory collectively, and to raise the level of discussions on these central topics both in the group and at the department, the group members will hold monthly reading group meetings and organize a string of public academic events in 2019.

When the dates and speakers of the group’s academic events have been confirmed, they will be announced in IKK’s calendar. The overall idea is to invite a renowned international scholar to give a guest lecture and a seminar in connection with each event, and to end the year with a workshop where regionally based artists, curators and researchers are invited to participate in a discussion of how to situate and work with the aforementioned issues in a Danish context.


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