Writing a transcultural history of art in the GDR

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Case Studies from the Research Project “Art in Networks”

Thinking about the history of art in a global context is at the centre of ongoing discussion within the discipline, both in academia and in art institutions. Art from the German Democratic Republic (1949-1990), however, has so far been largely excluded from this discussion. It has usually been presented as rather 'isolated' behind the Wall. The research project “Art in Networks” seeks to broaden the view of artistic creation in, with and through the GDR during the Cold War and write a transcultural history of art. It focuses on different forms of contact between artists, museums and other cultural agents between the GDR and other countries, mainly in Africa, Asia and Latin America and traces the international networks that emerged as a result.

Kerstin Schankweiler is a Professor of Visual Culture in the Global Context at the Institute of Art and Music at TUD Dresden University of Technology.

Contact: Kristian Handberg