Researching Cold War exhibition exchange in relation to material culture studies

Online symposium

2 September 2021, 13:30-15:30 (01:30-03:30 PM CET).

Roundtable with

Alexey Golubev, Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Houston, USA. “Heritage Architecture on Display: Open Air Museums, the Urban Gaze, and Historical Imagination in Late Soviet Russia.”

Elena Kochetkova, Associate Professor, Department of History, Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg, Russia. “Business of the Cold War: Finnish Industrial and Trade Fairs in the Soviet Union, late 1940s-60s.”

Marsha Siefert, Associate Professor, Department of History, Central European University, Budapest and Vienna. “The Materiality of Cold War Music Diplomacy: The Interrelations of Performance Tours, Sound Recordings, and their Packaging.”

Alyona Sokolnikova, Independent Curator, Researcher and Lecturer in Design History, Founder of “Design in Details”. “Exhibiting local diversity: a study of the exhibitions of the VNIITE regional branches at the Moscow Centre for Technical Aesthetics In 1979 – 1985.”

Kirill Chunikhin, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg, Russia. “Materiality and Simulation at the Exhibition Graphic Arts USA: 1963–64.”

Each presentation takes 10 minutes, followed by mutual discussion.

Chair: Yulia Karpova, Postdoc, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen.

Presented by the research project Exhibiting across the Iron Curtain.

Online via Zoom: Join here.

Programme and detailed information will follow.


Yulia Karpova and Kristian Handberg.