Dramatised Performative Narrative: a novel method for composing electroacoustic music

Presenter: Dimitris Savva (Cyprus University of Technology)


In this presentation, I will discuss the electroacoustic music composition method of dramatized-performative narrative that was developed during my doctoral research. The term "dramatized-performative narrative" was coined to specify a unique type of narrative that both originates from and guides the performative activities of others. Throughout the presentation, we will explore sound examples and compositions created during this research, demonstrating how the method was employed: (1) to predetermine dramatized performances using performance scores, (2) to sonically capture these performances employing various recording techniques, and (3) to use these recordings as central material for composing and structuring electroacoustic music works. Additionally, we will briefly examine key writings on narrative and referential sound in electroacoustic music, followed by a definition of the term "dramatized-performative narrative." Finally, we will briefly discuss the aims, objectives, and conclusions of the research.

You are advised to have headphones with you during the presentation so that you could listen to the binaural reductions of the original surround 8-channel compositions.