In musicology, we research the diverse historical and contemporary roles and meanings of music. Based on the musicological tradition and its various historical branches, the department has chosen to focus on three main subject areas: the history of music, the anthropology of music and popular music studies.

We examine cultural forms in which music plays an important role, based on a view of music as an integral part of culture and as a window onto it.

We also examine the interplay between society and music by focusing on the role of music in shaping identities, meanings and communities. Finally, we investigate music as sound and as structures through analyses of sheet music, phonograms and other sources, as well as interpretations of performance practices and auditory and audiovisual idioms, also shedding light on wider cultural, historical and political contexts.

We study music from many different parts of the world and many historical periods. The department’s researchers mainly focus on topics within musical anthropology, the history of music and popular music, in both local and global contexts.


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