Modern culture and cultural dissemination

In the field of modern culture and cultural dissemination, we work with a range of cultural issues, both contemporary and historical. We research art and cultural phenomena from 1850 to the present day and examine the aesthetic and cultural practices’ interplay with contemporary social and political challenges such as migration, climate change, gender, neoliberalism, social movements and globalisation.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of all forms of art as well as sound and visual culture, digital culture, urban culture, cultural dissemination, cultural policy and cultural theory. This interdisciplinarity provides insight into what is distinctive about the individual art forms and media, as well as an opportunity to identify crosscutting themes and problems.

Our research and teaching in the area of modern culture and cultural dissemination also focus on the changes that the production, distribution and use of art and culture are constantly undergoing. We examine how phenomena in the modern world are represented in cultural media (websites, social media, films, exhibitions, poetry collections, etc.), and how institutional and political contexts determine these representations, as well as the roles and possibilities of art and culture in society.


Name Title Phone E-mail
Ag, Tanya Ravn Postdoc +4535321265 E-mail
Bolt, Mikkel Professor +4535329325 E-mail
Elbeyi, Semahat Ece PhD Fellow +4535327341 E-mail
Frantzen, Mikkel Krause Academic Officer +4535337308 E-mail
Frederiksen, Kasper Opstrup Postdoc +4553630311 E-mail
Grundtmann, Naja le Fevre PhD Fellow +4535321230 E-mail
Heine, Stefanie Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535336223 E-mail
Petersen, Anne Ring Professor +4535328202 E-mail
Reeh, Henrik Associate Professor +4535328231 E-mail
Sandbye, Mette Professor +4535328230 E-mail
Sandström, Frida Viktoria PhD Fellow +4535336822 E-mail
Sharma, Devika Associate Professor +4535329261 E-mail
Valtýsson, Bjarki Associate Professor +4535328237 E-mail
Veel, Kristin Eva Albrechtsen Haahr Associate Professor +4520404914 E-mail
Zerlang, Martin Professor +4535328208 E-mail