Independent Research Foundation. Autumn 2020

IRFD’s deadlines

FKK (culture and communication): 2 October at 12.00  
DFF Social Science (FSE): 2 October at 12.00
International Postdoc: 6 October at 12.00

In the autumn, applications can be submitted for: Research project 1, Research project 2, Journals and DFF International postdoc.  DFF Social Science (FSE) also offers opportunities for research visits abroad.

See calls - remember also to read appendices A-C.

You can find more information on the Independent Research Foundation (IRFD/DFF) in the research portal in KUnet (requires login) and you are welcome to contact the department's research support officer, Tenna Lyhne Iversen on if you have any questions or would like a meeting.

Applicants for international postdocs:
If you want to apply for the DFF-International postdoc, you must contact the department's research support at before Monday 7 September with a short description of your project (max 1/2 page) and a notice of the period you wish to stay at the department (following the guidelines in the call) and who you will be affiliated with. As there is no funds in the grant for the department you will stay on guest terms which means limited access to facilities and systems. A fee of 42.000 DKK/annual for using the facilities can be charged. It is not possible to apply for co-financing of the stay. Please also note that you are responsible for applying for and managing the grant yourself.  

Procedure and timetable for applications at IKK (Research project 1, Research project 2 and Journals)

Expression of interest

You must submit an expression of interest by e-mail to, no later than Wednesday 5 August. Specify the funding for which you are applying, the overall subject of the project, and whether it is an individual or joint project and if the latter, who you expect to participate. 

Budget documents

Deadline for submitting budget documents for all calls is Monday 24 August.

First you must hand in the following forms for salary calculations: (click on “remove spreadsheet protection” if you have trouble completing the forms in Excel):

  • Staffing Plan (for all employed participants, use months as the unit of measurement, used to calculate payroll costs)
  • Summary of academic employments  for all non-staff participants (to be filled out chronologically for each paid academic employment in order to estimate salary level).

Contact research support officer Tenna Lyhne Iversen on for details on what to submit if partners from outside the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies are involved in the application.

If you are applying as research manager reduced teaching commitment must be agreed on before submitting the application.

Friday 11 September is the deadline for submission of your operating budget in this form:

  • Operating expenses – you can complete the spreadsheet or submit an activity plan if you want help to calculate the expenses. In either form you must state all conference participations, research visits, conference organisations, workshops, publications etc. in chronological order, indicating where, how many, for how long, etc.). Further support on budgeting is available on the research portal in KUnet in this toolbox (NB: log-in to KUnet required).
  • See an example of an operating expense budget here.

The documents will be reviewed locally by the department and then by a faculty finance officer, which is responsible for transposing the budget into the adequate format for upload.

Expect to receive an approved budget around 25 September (depending on the number of applications)

If you submitted your budget documents on time, you may expect to receive the approved budget in the proper format together with a signed copy of the B60 budget confirmation form at this date.

It is important that deadlines are met, as the application must be approved by the head of department, and subsequently there must be sufficient time to acquire the budget information needed by the faculty finance support unit. If you submit the expression of interest too late, you will at best be put at the back of the queue; if there is not enough time, your application may be rejected.