Do:Topia screening of "HyperNormalisation"

Imagine a system that doesn’t work. A failed project which is nonetheless upheld by hapless politicians with no idea how to fix it. A world tolerated by a populace, equally aware of the downwards spiral, with no idea how to escape. Imagine a world with Brexit, and where a man like Donald Trump can win the American presidential election. We’re in it, right now.

DO:TOPIA will be screening the new documentary from director Adam Curtis, HyperNormalisation. The film explores parts of the history and the events that have led to a world, where we don’t know what's right and what's wrong. But also a world, where we through the internet can facilitate mass movements, and where there may be unimaginable opportunities, if only we dare look beyond the horizon.

Join us on 22 November at 5pm where we will (try to) break out of our echo chamber, and hopefully give us all something to think about. We can’t wait to share this with you!

The event is FREE, but if you wish to make a donation to the DO:TOPIA project, you will be able to on the day.

You can watch the trailer here (Warning: very strong images):

Capacity is limited and entry is first come first served. Doors open at 5 pm. The screening itself will begin at 5.30 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: The film is three hours long, so make sure you have enough time. It’s worth it! The film contains very strong images, and is not suited for children.

The film is in English with no subtitles.


What is DO:TOPIA?
DO:TOPIA is an activist, collaborative event series, promoting digital understanding and aims to normalise engagement in our digital reality.
We will be learning to code, write, edit and make electronic sound. We will be creating artworks, performances and building our own systems. This is how we set off for our digital future – our shared utopia.

DO:TOPIA is organised by Renegade Runners and a motley crew of code nerds and internet n00bs. We are organising DO:TOPIA both to learn and to pass on our own skills – and there is always room for your ideas, skills or sheer horsepower. Contact us if you’d like to get involved!