Digital Representations: Cultural, Social and Legal Critiques

Digital technologies are changing our past, present and future. This seminar presents critical perspectives on issues including mass-digitization of cultural heritage, machine reading and bits-to-atoms transformations such as 3D-printing. Cultural, social and legal implications of applied digital technologies will be considered by the speakers who cover a broad range of disciplinary expertise.


Dr Nanna Bonde Thylstrup
Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen
(Principal Investigator of the research projects Past’s futures and Uncertain Archives)

Professor Morten Rosenmeier
Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen 

Professor Maurizio Borghi
Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management, Bournemouth University
(Principal Investigator of research project EnDOW - Enhancing Access to 20th Century Cultural Heritage through Distributed Orphan Works Clearance) 

Professor Vincent C. Müller
Division of Humanities & Social Sciences, American College of Thessaloniki
(Principal Investigator of the research project Digital DIY) 

Dr Stina Teilmann-Lock
Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen and Department of Design and Communication, University of Southern Denmark
(Member of the research project Past’s Futures)

The seminar is sponsored by Past’s Futures, Uncertain Archives and Digital Culture Group