Call for papers: Predicting Security and the Insecurity of Prediction

Dear colleagues and friends,

The Uncertain Archives research group is delighted to host a seminar with David Murakami Wood, associate professor in the Department of Sociology at Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada on September 9 2019.

The seminar aims to investigate the surfaces of contact between surveillance and (in)security management on the one hand and the insecurity involved in processes of prediction, such as pattern discrimination and image recognition etc. on the other.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Surveillance Studies
  • Risk and insecurity
  • Critical Data Studies
  • Automation and autonomous decision systems
  • Algorithmic bias
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Big data and datafication
  • Ethics, privacy, and technology
  • Smart cities and politics of space
  • Data visualisation

The seminar also functions as a PhD-course for participating PhD-students. PhD-students are expected to be awarded 2,25 ECTS if they participate with a paper.

Submissions and registration

We hope to see you at the event, and urge you to sign up soon. Please sign up with:

For those who wish to participate with a paper, please send an abstract of 300-500 words no later than August 1 2019 to the email above. Please also include a short bio of 150 words.

The seminar is organised by associate professor Kristin Veel and PhD students Ece Elbeyi and Naja Grundtmann all of whom are a part of The Uncertain Archives Research Group, University of Copenhagen.

The event is supported by The Carlsberg Foundation.