Coordinator: Kristian Handberg

The research group Modernisms studies contemporary perspectives on modernism and 20th-century culture. One of the main tendencies in contemporary art history, both as an academic discipline and a museological practice, is the historicisation of the 20th century. Exhibitions and research projects are shining a strong light on modernism(s), both focusing on details and searching for a macro-perspective. This involves reinterpreting the concept of modernism itself and its numerous manifestations, which can be seen in an increasing number of cultural, geographical and media forms.

Through meetings, visits to exhibitions and events, the research group follows modernism as a field of research in the 21st century. The group also serves as a forum for exchange and dialogue between university-based research and museological and curatorial research, with participants from various institutions and a focus on current exhibitions. Broader cultural-history perspectives and input from practitioners of various art forms are also welcome.

External members

Researchers from IKK

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