Knowledge Production, Archives and Artistic Research

Network activities centre on the sharing of methodological approaches to artistic research in performing arts (dance, theatre and performance) as generated through archival matter both material and immaterial. The larger aim of the network is to explore the potential for future collaborations.

Cape Town University. The empty piedestal was left after the removal of the statue of Cecil B. Rhodes on 9 April 2015 in connection with the student protest movement #RhodesMustFall. Foto: Peter Vadim 

About the network

The network started in May 2016 and is funded by the International Network Programme (INP), Danish Ministry of Research and Innovation.

Network manager

Karen Vedel, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen

Network partners

University of Copenhagen:

University of Cape Town:

  • UCT School of Dance, Department of Theatre and Performance , director Gerard M. Samuel and senior lecturer Lisa Wilson
  • Department of Theatre and Performance, professor Mark Fleishman.