The department’s employer panel

The employer panel is an important part of the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies. It gives the department challenging input on how we can develop our degree programmes. It does not just make specific suggestions on our courses and curricula, but also inspires us to talk about ourselves in new ways and from new perspectives. The employer panel’s work is based on the many outreach and business-oriented projects and initiatives the department carries out.

The panel members advise the programme management on programme development and quality assurance, but also take part in specific, practical projects designed in collaboration between the department, employers and our students. 

As a new initiative, we aim to include our graduates in the employer panel to a greater extent. The department wishes to strengthen the relationship between our students and their prospective employers, and has therefore invited the board of the department’s alumni association (IKK Alumne) to join the employer panel. In this way we aim to help establish networks between our graduates and relevant business stakeholders.

There is a common desire to establish a closer and more practice-based relationship between the department and the individual prospective employers. This is also a common theme of the panel’s activities, as the individual meetings are arranged to discuss specific initiatives.

Panel members

The members of the employer panel are representatives from the Danish cultural life and the business sector:

  • Marianne Kruckow, head of division in "Kultur- og fritidsforvaltningen", the Municipality of Copenhagen,  (Comparative litterature)
  • Trine Gammelgaard, head of communications in "Bikubenfonden" (Modern Culture)
  • Karsten Wind Meyhoff, Project Manager in ISS World Services (Comparative litterature)
  • Miriam Frandsen, Dramaturge at The Royal Theatre  (Theater and performance studies)
  • Tanja Hylling Diers, Dramaturge at "Sort/Hvid" (previous Caféteatret) (Theater and performance studies)
  • Bette Thomas, head of culture at The Royal Library (Musicology)
  • Henrik Rørdam, Director of the classic label Dacapo (Musicology)
  • Troels Vang Andersen, Rector at Christianshavns Gymnasium (Musicology)
  • Mikkel Sørensen, Manager, DTU Skylab and external lector at IKK (Modern culture)
  • Gitte Mikkelsen, Project manager in the consultant company "Antropologerne" (Visual culture)