Karen Arnfred Vedel

Karen Arnfred Vedel

Associate Professor

RESEARCH, project management, teaching and dramaturgy

Research areas include artistic research in performing arts, dance and theatre historiography, artistic mobility, site specificity, ritual and performance theory. Widely published and invited as guest lecturer in Denmark and abroad on numerous occasions.

Teaching at BA-level includes course in Theatre History, Performance Analysis and Complex Dramaturgy - and at MA-level, special topics courses in Site Specificity and Audience Relations

Service to the community includes project reports, conference moderation, peer reviews, examinations, appointed member of academic evaluation committees (MA and PhD), editorial boards and artistic jurys as well as organizing academic conferences and generating income from research foundations. Currently serving on on the Board of Directors of Københavns Teatersamarbejde (KbhT) and the Evaluration Committee of Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies' Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Arts.

ID: 34256260