Mads Jakob Pagsberg

Mads Jakob Pagsberg

Teaching Associate Professor


Mads Jakob Pagsberg (1970) has a master's degree from 1998 at the Department of Musicology.

He has experience as a lecturer at the Department of Musicology at the University of Copenhagen (conducting, music pedagogy,  arrangement, bigband music), high schools, day colleges, youth psychiatric department and private solo teaching.

In addition to this, he works as a performing musician (bassist), choir conductor, bigband conductor, composer and arranger, and has, among other things, arranged music for The Danish Radio Bigband, The Danish Radio Symphonic and Norwegian television Symphonic orchestra.

Mads Pagsberg has trained hundreds of high school teachers and primary school teachers in music pedagogy. He has developed music pedagogical methods (flow, chain-playing, 1-2-3 rotation)and published several books on this subject.

Amongst the largets works as a composer is Almost Music (a bigband suite) A Jungle Story (a bigband Suite) and he has worked with Jazzmusicians  Subiz Garbor (HUN), Peter Jull Kristensen (Clear Prod.), Lubos Soukup (CZ), Stian Swesson (SE), Ralf Nyqvist (FIN), Radek Wosko (POL), Paolo Russo (IT), Emiliano Sampaio (BRAZIL), Mariam Mandipira (ZIMBABWE), Håkon Erlandsen (NO), Alex Cassanyes (SPAIN), Zoran Scekic (CROATIA), Michele Corcella (IT),  Anna Kruse (SE), Daniel Nosewicz (POL), Patrik Thurner (AUSTRIA), Hans Christian Stephan (DE) Dawda Jobartech (GAMBIA), Tupac Mantilla (COLUMBIA), Ole Kock Hansen, Jonas Johansen, Nicolai Schultz, Michael Mølhede, Christer Gustafsson, Uffe Marcussen, Veronica Mortensen, Bobo Moreno, Sidsel Storm, Mads Mathias, Henrik Bolberg, Steen Hansen, Jørgen Emborg, Mia Engsager,  Jesper Løvdal, Søren Møller, Miriam Mandipira,  Mathias Heise, Katrine Madsen,  and many many more. 

As a bassist Mads Pagsberg plays with Copenhagen Jazz Funk Collective, with musicians Søren Reiff (guitar), Pelle Fridell (sax), Mikkel Villingshøj (Drums) and Anders Rose (keys)            

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