Anne Fastrup

Anne Fastrup

Associate Professor

I teach early modern European literary and cultural history, methodologies of contextualisation and various topics related to my research. My research interests include the French Enlightenment, eighteenth-century sensibility culture, Orientalism in early modern French, Spanish and English literature and drama, and the relationship between literature and politics. Since 2021, I have been working on the Anthropocene and the planetary in a literary historiographical perspective. In the spring of 2023, I have started a major interdisciplinary research and book project on the natural-cultural history of agriculture 1700 - 2023, which so far includes researchers from ethnology, anthropology, literary studies, cultural geography, art history, and The Green Museum.



Current research

Literary representations of the Anthropocene and of the historical changes in the nature/culture metabolism.

The planetary perspective as a historiographical challenge for literary history.

The natural-cultural history of agriculture. 

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