Søren Thorlak Madsen

Søren Thorlak Madsen

Enrolled PhD student

Project title: A Time of One's Own (2021-2024)
Kunstmuseum Brandts, Odense, DK

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction,” Virginia Woolf famously states in A Room of One’s Own. But what about the necessity of having a time of one’s own, this project asks with a focus on three women artists from Funen: Alhed Larsen (1872-1927), Anna Syberg (1870-1914) and Christine Swane (1876-1960). As housewives and mothers working from home, lack of time for artistic production connects the women.

In my phd research, I examines the importance of time in the artists' artistic production; time both as an objectively measurable amount of hours per day and as subjective experiences. I aim to show how the artists visualise ‘a time of one’s own': How they process their lack of time in their art through choices of self-referential subjects, such as flowers, cultivated gardens, decorated spaces, and their own art but also through sensuously capturing moments of creation and of aesthetic experience.

Recipient of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Mads Øvlisen PhD Scholarship within Art History Research before 1900

ID: 283742469