Kristian Handberg

Kristian Handberg

Assistant Professor

New perspectives on modernism in art and culture and the heritage of the 20th century form the core of my research.

My Ph.D. researched retro as a central phenomenon in contemporary culture based on cultural memory and material culture.

In the postdoc projects Multiple Modernities: World Images and Dreamworlds in arts and culture, 1946-1972 (in collaboration with Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk) and Curating the Contemporary (with SMK - National Gallery of Denmark) I have researched the exhibition histories of the postwar era and the role of Danish institutions. 

My new research project “Exhibiting Across the Iron Curtain: The forgotten trail of Danish artists exhibiting in the context of state socialism, 1955-1985” (Novo Nordisk Fonden Investigator Grant in Art History, in collaboration with Yulia Karpova) will investigate exhibitions during the Cold War through the participation of Danish artists.

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Fields of interest

Postwar art 

Exhibition Histories

Eastern European Art History

Cold War Culture

Museum History

Cultural Memory


Revival Culture 

Primary fields of research

Art history 

Exhibition Histories


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