David Winfield Norman

David Winfield Norman

PhD fellow

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    I am a PhD candidate specializing in the history of modern and contemporary art in Greenland, the circumpolar north and Indigenous North America. My PhD research examines the rise of experimental art practices and the founding of new institutions for art that coincided with Greenland achieving self-governance. My dissertation addresses land-based politics, cultural memory, screen culture, a capacious approach to medium, and procedures such as melting, taste and analog feedback among the oeuvres of the generation of artists whose careers began on the cusp of self-determination following the Home Rule Act of 1979.


    Research, teaching and supervision areas:

    -Modern and contemporary art in Greenland, the circumpolar world and Indigenous North America

    -Postcolonial theory and decolonization

    -Historical materialism and the philosophy of history

    -Time-based and site-specific art

    -Performance theory, performativity, the history of performance art

    -Media theory, history of photography 

    -Historiography of art history

    -Phenomenology, art and the senses

    -Queer theory, gender performativity, gender non-conformity, drag and visual culture

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