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Katrine Wallevik

Katrine Wallevik

PhD fellow

I am currently interested in researching questions of agency in networks with a specific focus on cultural institutions and their daily practices engaging with and maintaining Danish culture life. Through anthropological inqueries into culture institutions (such as DR/Danish Broadcast Corporaion), I do cultural analysis asking questions about how and why certain decisions are made and certain actions are taken.   

I my PhD project I am specifically concerned with the processes and practices of selcting and planning music for public service radio station P3. Here I am investigating the networks of humans and things that govern daily practices of mainaining P3´s music profile. I have a specific interest in the resently introduced music scheduling software, Selector, and its significance for the music planning in terms of ´algorithmic power´ (Beer 2017). 

I am practicing a post-ANT/STS-inspired anthropology, but are at the same time, while engaging in the field, questioning the value of the selfsame methodological standpoints. 


ID: 51144771