Rasmus Holmboe

Rasmus Holmboe


Rasmus Holmboe is postdoc at the research centre Art as Forum at University of Copenhagen, where he works on a project with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde under the title The Distributed Art Museum. His work traverses the fields of curating, sound studies, art history, musicology and museology with a strong interest in the social and political infrastructures and institutions of the art world. PhD (2019) with the dissertation The Resonant Museum: Sound, Art and the Politics of Curating.

About the current research project: The Distributed Art Museum

Contemporary art today increasingly operates through dynamic social processes, in mixed formats and performative settings that are often taking place outside the structuring frame of the gallery. Concurrently art museums are increasingly focusing more on distributed forms of knowledge production and diverse communities than classic “show and tell” strategies. As such museums are at a turning point where a narrow focus on the meeting between an individual and a discrete art object is replaced by locally situated, dynamic and relational experiences and epistemologies. 

The project The Distributed Art Museum is a collaboration with Museet for Samtidskunst, which is in the process of leaving the buildings in the Yellow Mansion in Roskilde where it has been housed since 1991. The motivation to do so is a wish to rethink, on the grounds of the above situation, how a museum would be and act if it were to be invented today.

In the project I work from a double perspective. In part I examine and historicize how the modes of address and ways of interaction of contemporary art can be understood as material and contextual situations in relation to the museum institution in an expanded field where the museum is not necessarily tied to the gallery exhibition space. And in part I aim to expand onto a broader museological framework that can analyze how the museum as a public knowledge institution is currently undergoing changes – both as consequences of the changes within artistic practice, in the publics’ demand for more including and contemporary institutions as well as the changing political views on the raison d’être of museums. As such it is also the aim of the project to investigate how the “classic” representational tasks concerning history and cultural heritage are challenged and changed concurrently with contemporary focus on visibility, user-engagement and actualization.  

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