Kristine Ringsager

Kristine Ringsager

Associate Professor

My research is centred on the anthropological study of music, primarily focusing on racialized and gendered cultures and infrastructures in music life and on the role of music in processes of social change. I have done ethnographic research among racially minoritized rappers in Denmark with a focus on experienced Otherness, citizenship, and cosmopolitanism, and in Turkey, centring around political and politicized Kurdish musicians’ experiences of censorship. Furthermore, I have published on radiophonic voices and mediations of gendered and ethnic Otherness.

Between 2019-2022 I was principal investigator of the collective research project ”Music as social intervention.Investigating musical sociality among marginalized children and youth” funded by The Danish Arts Foundation and Arts Council Norway as part of the research program Art and social communities, and between 2020-2022 of the practice-based collective research project “Contemporary music from the Middle East” funded by The Danish Institute in Damascus.

Currently, I am principal investigator of the collective research project Gendering Music Matter (2022-2024, Independent Research Fund Denmark’s Inge Lehmann program) that from an ethnographic perspective and informed by theories on infrastructure, affect and a feminist (post)phenomenology examines the mechanisms that promote or hinder equal participation for professionals working within the Danish popular music industry.

ID: 13933835