Erik Steinskog

Erik Steinskog

Associate Professor

My work primarily deals with twentieth and twenty-first century music, with an approach inspired by interdisciplinary cultural studies. The musical material I have focused on is opera and diverse forms of popular music.


Areas of supervision:

Popular music (primarily African American)

Opera (primarily opera after Wagner)

Aesthetics of music (primarily in the continental tradition after Nietzsche)

Questions on gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, etc., in relation to music and music-cultures


Areas of research:

For the last couple of years my research has been focused on afrofuturism, historically from Sun Ra to Ras G, across musical genres. I also work with parallels between music and other means of expression, as well as how an understanding based in afrofuturism can go into dialogue with other perspectives and other musical expressions, so far less understood in relation to afrofuturism.

I also continue my work with questions on gender/sexuality, on voices, and on relations between music and technology. 

ID: 12428394