Giada Dalla Bonta

Giada Dalla Bonta

PhD fellow

In her research project Sounding the Dissolution, Giada Dalla Bontà examines experimental sonic practices in the underground art circles of late Soviet Union.
Historically situating the impact of USSR’s collapse, the project considers the political significance of sound and artistic practices through both cultural and sensorial stances. Through several case studies, her project investigates the cultural and political impacts of these practices, considering the several constellations of poetic nodes that emerge from them, also through primary sources. Ultimately, such analyses also contemplate how sonic fictions generated by corporeality and sonic experiences affect sociopolitical dynamics, even in contexts where unplugging from ideological dispositifs seems unimaginable.

Primary fields of research

  • Sound as interdisciplinary methodology
  • Sonic agency and the political impact of sound
  • Sound anthropology and sensory research methodologies
  • (Post-)Soviet artistic and sound practices
  • Institutional critique, non-official & underground cultures
  • Sonic fictions & participatory practices in ideologised spaces
  • Hypernormalisation, Capitalist Realism, Acid Communism


Sound Art

Music Production and Performance

BA Project – Experimental and avat-garde music and society

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