Seyedarshia Eghbali

Seyedarshia Eghbali

Enrolled PhD student

Seyed-Arshia Eghbali is a Joint PhD Candidate at the Department of Arts & Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen and the Department of Architecture, University of Bologna, conducting his research on temporary home cultures, everyday life, and Georges Perec.

Arshia holds a Joint Master's Degree in Urban Studies (4CITIES) from Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Madrid, for which he was awarded an EMMC scholarship by the European Commission, and a Bachelor's in Architecture from University of Tehran.

Arshia's work consists of research, process-oriented art, design, writing, curating, and independent publishing; some of which have been exhibited in Tehran, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Rotterdam.

Current research

My current research revolves around three main axes:

  • The changing notions, materialities, and practices of home in a precarious, mobile world, and the rise of temporary living arrangements.
  • Discourses around everyday life, in particular 'art of living ('art de vivre'), the works of the French writer Georges Perec, and the concept of the infra-ordinary ('l'infra-ordinaire').
  • An experimental empirical study that employs ethnographic and visual techniques to explore young people's ways of living in Bologna and Copenhagen.

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