Commodity, Community, Urbanity

The "Regensen" student dormitory, inaugurated 1623 in central Copenhagen. Photo © Henrik Reeh, 2023

Student Housing / Homes of Students

13th Annual 4Cities Conference at the University of Copenhagen.


Since the Middle Ages childhood of European universities, homes for students remain an issue in major cities. For certain urbanites, the activity of housing students is a source of revenue; for other actors, student dormitories provide occasions for social and cultural community. In both cases, students contribute to urban culture – to urbanity.

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, higher education attracted growing young populations. Finding a home – albeit temporary – becomes a critical need. Often, students' struggle for a place to stay requires inventive approaches to real estate and talents for do-it-yourself domesticity. Doesn't the fundamental human question of "dwelling" (in German "wohnen", in French "habiter") deserve to be viewed from a particular student's perspective?

Student housing is on the agenda of city development. Economic and urban-architectural levels are important, but one should also recognize the human, social, and cultural practices that accompany the basic needs for sleep and study.

Contact: Henrik Reeh


Henrik Reeh, University of Copenhagen:
"Introduction: Student Housing / Homes of Students" 

Martin Zerlang, University of Copenhagen:
"Studying in the City, Studying the City"

Walter Matznetter, University of Vienna:
"Being an International Student in the 1970s"

Kristin Veel, University of Copenhagen:
"Dust in the Dorm"

Arshia Eghbali, Universities of Bologna and Copenhagen:
"Five Student Interiors / Five Micro-Stories"

Henrik Reeh, University of Copenhagen:
"Living, Photographing, Leaving. With Georges Perec in Paris"

Rosa de la Fuente, University of Madrid – Complutense:
"Madrid Student Colleges: Changes and Continuities in their Social Function"

Ana Dresler, University of Brussels (ULB):
"Revitalisation through Student Housing"

Margarita Barañano & Andrés Walliser, University of Madrid – Complutense:
"Accommodation of Spanish university students in Madrid"