Where to with History?

Dresden still

The integration of film and research

In this brief seminar, Hans Chr. Post will present his most recent film ”Where to with History?” (2020), the result of continued research interest in the urban development in Dresden, where the extremist Pagoda movement is gaining ground and weekly occupies the rebuilt city centre. The film media not only contributes to the research with empirical documentation, but it also opens up questions and interpretations in the material, that would not be accessible otherwise.

Among other previous research projects where Hans Chr. Post has used film and was a member of the ”Postmigration” research group at SDU. The production of the documentary ”We are here” was not only an integrated part of the research, the final result also introduced the project to a broader public.

The film presentation of ”Where to with History?” will be followed by a discussion with Hans Chr. Post concerning the use of film media in connection to research.

Hans Chr. Post is a PhD and film director who works at the intersection of film and research from a perspective of architecture, urban studies, history and memory politics.

After the seminar, there will be a glass of wine or beer in the lunchroom.