Listening to wicked problems: Sound Studies as transversal studies

International Sound Studies Lab Lectures 2022 with Salomé Voegelin, Sound Artists, Writer and Researcher (University of the Arts London).

Moderator: Ania Mauruschat (UCPH)

“What do we want? Climate justice. When do we want it? Now!” Battle cries like that at climate rallies all over the world are on the one hand evidence that climate crisis and species extinction, which have their origin in modern European history, are global phenomena today. On the other hand, they are examples of the acoustic dimension of this “sounding crisis“. The two international lectures by sound artists and scholars Åsa Helena Stjerna (S) and Salomé Voegelin (UK) are intended to spur the discussion about the potential of sound to uncover new analytical and methodological approaches and tools, which are needed to cope with the threat of climate catastrophe. They are part of the research project Sounding Crisis. Sounds and Energies within Climate Catastrophe.

More information about the lectures and the research project