Light, Space & Contemporary Art

Copenhagen Contemporary and the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen are inviting you to a two-day international symposium in June 2022 focusing on the American Light and Space movement and its impact on European contemporary art. The dates are 7-8 June.

The conference is held in conjunction with the exhibition Light & Space at Copenhagen Contemporary, which for the first time in Europe brings together a rich array of artworks from the American art movement known as Light and Space as well as contemporary European artists.

The symposium Light, Space and Contemporary Art wishes to highlight the groundbreaking practices of artists within the Light and Space movement and discuss their legacy in relation to younger contemporary artists.

Lectures will be given by Lita Albuquerque, Dawna Schuld, Elisabeth Gollnick, Matthew Simms, Mónica Bello, Elyn Zimmerman, Lucy Bradnock and others. It is possible to ask questions after each lecture.

Tickets cost DKK 200,- and include catering (free admission for students). Book your tickets at CC’s website NB. All lectures will be held in English.

The event is supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and Terra Foundation for American Art.



Light And Space: Histories
10:00 Registration, coffee, and croissants
10:30 Marie Nipper Welcome
10:45 Matthew Simms Light and Space: a Conversation
11:25 Lucy Bradnock The L.A. art scene in 1970s
11:55 Robin Clark The long tail of the comet: Perceiving light and space in Southern California and beyond
12:25 Lunch
Women of Light and Space
13:15 Elizabeth Gollnick Women artists of light and space
13:45 Elyn Zimmerman Practice in focus
14:15 Natalia Krawczyk On Susan Kaiser Vogel: woman, artist, and mason
14:45 Lita Albuquerque Practice in focus
15:15 Possibility of seeing the exhibition Light & Space



Light and Space Art: Contemporary Art
10:00 Arrival, coffee, croissants
10:30 Malene Vest Hansen Welcome
New Perceptions and Spatials Experiences
10:45 Dawna Schuld Perception and aesthetic experience since the 1960s
11:25 Mónica Bello Art, science and technology, new experiences, and ecosystems
12:00 Lunch
Institutional Formats and Exhibitions
12:45 Ruth Kissling & Kristina Leipold Robert Irwin at LAS
13:20 Maria Kappel Blegvad The Dome at ARoS
13:50 Break
Art & Architecture
14:20 Lawrence Weschler On Robert Irwin
15:00 Juhani Pallasmaa Online lecture: Alvar Aalto’s painterly and atmospheric light – spatial, haptic and emotive illumination