Digital temporalities and dead time

CIRCLE on digital temporalities and dead time led by Cally Spooner (Department of Arts and Cultural Studies).

Please email Henriette Steiner or Kristin Veel to confirm your participation.

Welcome to CIRCLES@the University of Copenhagen

CIRCLES@the University of Copenhagen is a new seminar series that seeks to stimulate an inclusive environment for discussions and spark new insights at the intersection of research on urban life, art, architecture, infrastructure and technology.

With the CIRCLES@the University of Copenhagen, we wish to bring together scholars from across the University of Copenhagen to advance innovative, interdisciplinary research at the intersection of urban life, architecture, art, infrastructure and technology. By bringing knowledge and methodologies from the humanities, social sciences, art, design and technical disciplines into dialogue, we seek to stimulate cross-disciplinary and collaborative research ideas.

A CIRCLE is a meeting that challenges the spatial hierarchies of the traditional seminar setting and creates an inclusive environment through the application of a set of simple ground rules. By abandoning tables, lecterns and digital presentation tools, placing chairs in a circle so that everyone can see each other in full, we circumvent the hierarchies that emerge when a presenter stands behind a desk and faces a passive audience, instead of stimulating collective thinking. A CIRCLE is limited to twenty people, including the lead speaker(s).

CIRCLES@the University of Copenhagen is a collaboration across the Faculties of Humanities and Science, organized by Kristin Veel from the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies and Henriette Steiner from the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management.