Writing & Publishing

How to reach out to publishers, work on a proposal, answer reviewers' critique, get a contract?

An Impulse Workshop - Organised by Ulrik Ekman & Holger Schulze.

The road from academic writing to academic publishing is often harder than assumed beforehand.

How to contact publishers? How to turn a dissertation into a book? How to work on a book proposal or a proposal for a special issue of an academic journal? What is required for proposing an anthology or a handbook? How can one include publishing options into funding applications - and how is it possible to conceptualize funding applications to support intended publications?

This short workshop will just be a start: a first sharing of experiences, an initial and informal conversation.

We will prepare three short impulse inputs to promote questions you may want to bring to the table. Since this is a small, flat, bottom-up workshop, your questions regarding the publishing process will constitute the structure of the workshop.

We will focus on three broad types of writing projects:

  • special issues of journals & collected volumes, anthologies, handbooks
  • monographs & dissertations
  • funding applications & publishing

We will be hearing some very short (max. 5 minutes) presentations too from colleagues who have generously agreed to share some of their writing projects: Kristin Veel, Bjarki Valtysson, Anders Michelsen.

After the discussion, we will enjoy drinks and snacks (including licorice, a little everyday passion or "sin" for both Holger and Ulrik) to continue our common exchange and connecting as well as planning for the next step: perhaps another workshop?

Please sign up for the workshop by mailing one or more questions to Holger and Ulrik that you wish them to bring into the discussion from the outset. And please let them know whether you'd like to comment on your project from last year or celebrate a publication that is just about to see the light of day!