Vocal Bodies: Performing Paralinguistic Stereotypes and Multivocalities in Art and Digital Media

Public Defence of PhD thesis by Stina Marie Hasse Jørgensen.





You can either attend the defence on South Campus or follow it on Zoom

Assessment Committee

  • Associate Professor Laura Luise Schultz, Chair (University of Copenhagen)
  • Professor Brad Garton (Columbia University)
  • Associate Professor Morten Søndergaard (Aalborg University)

Moderator of defence

  • Lektor Bjarki Valtýsson (University of Copenhagen)

Copies of the thesis will be available for consultation before the defence at the following three places:

  • At the Information Desk of Copenhagen University Library, South Campus
  • In Reading Room East of the Royal Library (the Black Diamond)
  • At Department Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Karen Blixens Plads 8, 2300 Copenhagen S