Opening conference: Art as Forum

The research centre Art as a Forum organises an opening conference.

In the Roman city, the forum was a market place, a space that facilitated exchange. And at the same time, it was a gathering place, a space where citizens could dwell together and discuss the affairs of the city. At this opening conference, “Art as Forum” wants to probe the same two features: that art always involves an address to – and a response by – a possible public, an encounter between positions informed by different contexts and interests. And secondly that this encounter is not just an encounter with art, but also an encounter around art, a collective situation of negotiation and reflection.

Over the course of five years, The New Carlsberg Foundation Research Centre “Art as Forum” will contribute to the understanding of art as a societal phenomenon. We will do so in a perspective that focuses on the life of art amidst the life of society: on art and its publics, and on the social, economic, and temporal communities of art. We will gauge the value of art in society through a transdisciplinary research into the modes of existence of art, covering a wide array of art-forms, genres, and their historical instantiations.

In the company of international keynotes and colleagues, this opening conference will develop key research questions pertaining to works of art, to art institutions, and to experiences of art, which will guide the future work at the “Art as Forum” Centre.

The first day of the conference features keynote presentations by Bojana Kunst (Justus-Liebig University Giessen), Mustafa Dikec (Ecole d'Urbanisme de Paris/Malmö University), and Morten Kyndrup (Aarhus University/New Carlsberg Foundation).

On the second day, 25 Scandinavian scholars will discuss the research platform of the centre.

Due to covid-19 restrictions the number of seats is very limited.

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