Amanda Grimsbo Roswall

Amanda Grimsbo Roswall

PhD fellow

My research focus on French-language feminist theory and literature in a Transatlantic perspective.

In my PhD project, I work with feminist essays from the 1970s (by Luce Irigaray amongst others) and how they have influenced contemporary thoughts on sex, gender, and difference in and outside Academia through their reception and circulation in the US. Furthermore, I study how the feminist and social movements of the 1970s (especially in relation to France and the US) are remembered in later representations of the period in literature, media, and academic research.

PhD project title: ”Reading and Living Theory. Toward a Media History of the Contemporary Feminist Essay”.

Theoretical grounds: Comparative Literature, History of the Book, Feminist and Queer Theory, Media Studies, Intellectual History.

Affiliated with the research center Art as Forum (IKK) and the research project Lockdown Reading (Engerom).

Supervisors: Tina Lupton (Engerom) og Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (IKK)

Fields of interest

Feminist theory and practice, form and genre, literature and politics, essayism, life writing, literature and theory in French 

ID: 243368582