12 March 2024

New Publications Spring 2024

Kunsten som forum på tryk published with Billedkunstskolernes Forlag has issued four new editions, authored by Shannon Mattern, David Lloyd, Shannon Jackson, and Julia Bryan-Wilson respectively.

In various ways, these latest additions to the chapbook series, invite readers into discussions that challenge the classical concept of art. They do so partly by looking at adjacent forms of expression – such as rituals, manuals, and textile-based needlework – and letting these forms cast a critical light back upon conventional understandings of what art is and can be. But also, by reflecting on the lines of demarcation surrounding the concept of art and the invisible assumptions that undergird it, such as the separation of the artwork from its conditions of production, the centering of the solo artist, and processes of racial exclusion.

The books can be acquired at saxo.com.