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Sabrina Vitting-Seerup

Sabrina Vitting-Seerup

PhD fellow

My research focuses upon Danish culture and cultural politics, more precisely how Danish cultural institutions and current cultural products depict migrants and descendants. My main topics of interest involve diversity, representation, identity theory, the postmigrant condition, Othering-processes and European cultural politics.

I am part of a research group working on 'Art, Politics and Culture in the Postmigrant Condition'.


Primary fields of research

  • Diversity and intersectionality
  • Cultural representations in art and culture
  • Identity theory and processes connected to gender, ethnicity, sexuality and racialization
  • Cultural institutions: Communication, curation and inclusive initiatives
  • Popular culture: Comics, pop music, TV series, etc.
  • Danish discourse on migrants and descendants
  • The postmigrant condition
  • Othering processes


  • Diversity and inclusion processes
  • Art and culture's mirroring of and effect on society
  • Representation of minorized individuals and communities
  • Othering processes ("The other", "The stranger")
  • Cultural policy - focusing on cultural institutions
  • Communication in and around cultural institutions
  • European and North American Comics

ID: 152298691