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PhD: Copenhagen Doctoral School of Cultural Studies 

The Copenhagen Doctoral School of Cultural Studies is an internationally oriented research training school in the areas of, comparative literature, art history, musicology, dance, theatre, architecture, design, visual arts, and cultural studies at large. In Copenhagen, we collaborate with the schools of Architecture, Design and Visual Arts at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and a wide range of cultural institutions including ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, The Danish Architecture Center/Gammel DOK, The Royal Library, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, The Museum of Decorative Arts, Louisiana, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the National Gallery of Art.

The school is dedicated to cross-disciplinary research in historical and contemporary art and culture on the basis of an understanding of culture as a heterogeneous, dialogic and dynamic field. Our curriculum is organized to support the doctoral students' work on individual projects and the organization of exchange with relevant researchers and research environments across different disciplines. Students working in the traditional disciplines are trained to take advantage of the cross-disciplinary perspectives in contemporary research in the fields of cultural studies, literature and the arts.

The Copenhagen Doctoral School of Cultural Studies promotes a wide range of international relations and networks for doctoral students through collaborations and joint ventures partners in European and North American doctoral training.

For information about the Copenhagen Doctoral School of Cultural Studies and inquiries concerning scholarly matters please contact Head of Programme

Frederik Tygstrup
Department of Arts and Cultural Studies
Karen Blixensvej 1
2300 København S
Location: KUA, 21.5.25

Phone: +45 353-28207

Phone (Reception desk): +45 353-28195


For information about PhD studies in general and inquiries concerning administrative matters please contact the Faculty PhD School.