Independent Research Fund Denmark (Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond/DFF). Spring 2021

IRFD’s deadlines

DFF Humanities (FKK)
: Sapere Aude, 24 March at 12:00. International postdoc, research journals and non-univeristy research education (PhD), 26 March at 12:00
DFF Social Science (FSE): 26 March at 12:00

In the spring applications can be submittet for: DFF international postdoc, Sapere Aude starting grant, research journals and non-university research education (PhD) . DFF Social Science (FSE) also offers opportunities for research visits abroad.

See calls (pdf) - remember also to read appendices A-C.

Please contact the department's research support officer, Tenna Lyhne Iversen, on if you have any question to the application round.

Applicants for international postdocs: If you want to apply for the DFF-International postdoc, you must contact the department's research support at before Monday 8 March for further information on whether housing is possible and on which terms. Please also note that you are responsible for applying for and managing the grant yourself.  

Applicants for PhD outside university: Your host institution is responsible for helping you with budget and housing conditions, but please keep ind mind to fill in 150.000 kr in the budget for a tuition fee for the university, which must be transferred together with the overhead of 44%. To obtain an agreement with a supervisor you must apply through the faculty's PhD School before Monday 1 March (date to be confirmed), please contact research support Tenna Lyhne Iversen @ for further information. 

Procedure and timetable for applications at IKK (Sapere Aude, journals and research stays)

Expression of interest

You must submit a hosting application by e-mail to, no later than Monday, 1 February. Specify the funding for which you are applying and send in a short abstract (max 1p).

If you apply for Sapere Aude you must furthermore send in a staffing plan in Excel for all participants to be employed at IKK and a summary of academic employments for non-permant staff in the plan. Remember in your e-mail also to point out if you have partners/participants in the project who will get funding from IRFD but not be employed at IKK.  

You will be informed about the further process when we get back to you with answer on you expression of interest. 

Feedback process

You will be expected to hand in a draft of your application for feedback on March 5. In relation to this please read the evaluation criteria in section 3 in the call carefully as they will be part of the feedback process.

Expect to receive an approved budget on 19 March the latest 

If you submitted your budget documents on time, you may expect to receive the approved budget in the proper IRDF-format together with the template B60 signed by the head of department on 19 March the latest.

It is important that deadlines are met, as the application must be approved by the head of department, and subsequently there must be sufficient time to acquire the budget information needed by the faculty finance support unit. If you submit the expression of interest too late, you will at best be put at the back of the queue; if there is not enough time, your application may be rejected.