Corporate Caring

Afternoon seminar with Lisa Ann Richey.

We are delighted to invite you to this year’s opening Interventions event, an afternoon seminar with Lisa Ann Richey.

She will be presenting work in progress on corporate caring. The basis for discussion will be a draft for an article on the topic “Corporate caring and the politics of gender in humanitarian partnerships”.


Emerging along with the post-cold war expansion of the humanitarian field, corporate partnerships for global do-gooding are touted as the panacea for inconsistent funding and failure to meet multilateral aid commitments from the global community.  Corporations and non-profit organizations are able to promote their own brands while ‘stepping in’ to assume responsibilities for humanitarian aid and its governance that were previously under the auspices of the UN and individual funding states.  These ‘humanitarian partnerships’ present a gendered public face of the caring corporation, while simultaneously pushing for the increasing professionalization of the humanitarian sector focusing on social impact statistics and a measurable bottom line. This paper will use participatory observation, interviews and case studies to examine how global humanitarian partnerships embody both sides of what Michael Barnett terms the ‘politics of solidarity’ and the ‘politics of governance’.

Lisa Richey's piece will be distributed some days prior to our meeting.

Coffee will be served!


The number of seats is limited, so please sign up with Maja Höhn for the seminar no later than March 4, 2019.

We are looking much forward to seeing you.