Digital culture

Coordinator: Bjarki Valtysson

The digital culture group at the Department of Arts and Culture conducts research on a wide range of subjects related to digital cultures in a broad sense, based on different methodological and theoretical approaches. The subjects include digital cultural heritage, digital art, digital literature, digital culture policy, digital labour, social media, big data, remixing, censorship, surveillance, digital archives, sound, participation, curation and digital forms of cultural production and consumption.


Read more about our specific research interests in the members’ profiles.

External members

Heidi Svømmekjær
Jacob Kreutzfeld
Johannes Skjelbo, Rytmisk Center
Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen, Aarhus Universitet
Rikke Platz Cortsen
Solveig Daugaard, Linköbing Universitet
Tanya Toft

Researchers from IKK

Ekman, UlrikAssociate professor +45 353-29278E-mail
Handberg, KristianPostdoc  E-mail
Hauser, JensPostdoc +45 51 30 11 28E-mail
Kjær, MichaelPostdoc +45 61 30 51 96E-mail
Michelsen, Anders IbAssociate professor +45 27 58 42 57E-mail
Valtýsson, BjarkiAssociate professor +45 353-28237E-mail
Veel, Kristin Eva Albrechtsen HaahrAssociate professor +45 20 40 49 14E-mail
Wellendorf, Kassandra CharlotteTeaching associate professor +45 28 19 76 56E-mail