Cultural criticism in the 21st century

Coordinators: Devika Sharma og Mikkel Bolt

The research group ‘Cultural criticism in the 21st century’ focuses on the relationship between cultural analysis and politics. The aim is to examine and discuss the possibilities and tasks of critical thinking and theory in the 21st century. Rather than just revisiting traditional critical theory, the group asks questions about the current and future ‘critical policy’ of cultural studies and the department:

  • Should cultural studies still aim for social critique?
  • If so, what assumptions about power, about capitalism, about surface and reality should a relevant cultural-analytical practice base itself on?
  • How should the legacy of critical theory be carried over into contemporary cultural theory and specific cultural analyses – of both historical and current conditions – including our own analytical practice?

The research group has held a number of seminars and published a special issue of K&K on cultural criticism today, to which a number of members of the group contributed: K&K: Kulturkritik nu (‘Cultural criticism now’).

See also reviews of the issue and the seminar held in connection with the publication of Kulturkritik nu:

During the last three semesters, the research group has run an anti-fascist study group, which is open to students and other interested. The study group meets once a month. An outcome of the ongoing analysis of the return of reactionary political forces is the latest issue of the journal K&K:

External members

Researchers from IKK

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Holm, Isak WinkelProfessor +45 60 66 62 08E-mail
Kjær, MichaelPostdoc +45 61 30 51 96E-mail
Kristensen, Jens TangPostdoc +45 61 68 30 35E-mail
Sharma, DevikaAssociate professor +45 353-29261E-mail
Steinskog, ErikAssociate professor +45 40 49 90 27E-mail