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In the field of art history, we research art and architecture, cultural heritage and museology, cultural objects and institutions, ancient rituals and contemporary performative strategies. In addition to the periods of European art history from antiquity to the present and the history of aesthetic reflection, we conduct research on the fields of architecture, design and visual culture, including digital visuality.

Together with the researchers in Danish museums, we feel a special responsibility to promote research into Danish art and to enhance the collaboration between the University and the various Danish art institutions.

In addition to researching artworks of all kinds – from Baroque painting and Impressionism to contemporary performance and video art – we are interested in understanding the imaginary in a historical perspective, in the role of the visual in globalisation processes, and in more practice-oriented fields such as curating. The fields of visual culture and art history overlap in a number of ways, and there are a number of fruitful exchanges between the two research areas, especially as regards visual anthropology, media art and international contemporary art.


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