Urban Ecologies

13th-15th of June 2013 in Copenhagen

Joint Doctoral Symposium Berlin / Copenhagen / London

Contemporary concerns about the deterioration of the environment and the general acknowledgement of the lack of sustainability of growth-based economies have put the notion of ecology at the centre of today’s social awareness, in the sciences and beyond, across a wide range of cultural, political and artistic fields. Ecology, it is recognized, is not only about the use of natural resources, but also more generally about the interconnectedness of everything and the far-reaching ramifications of any agency.

Ecological thinking, thus, calls for contextual models of understanding and aggregative theories able to see “the big picture” around whatever we frame in the focus of our attention.

This joint symposium proposes to exercise the outlook and awareness of ecological thinking in the field of urban studies. On a global level, cities are not only a main challenge to sustainable development, but also extreme cases in point for “the interconnectedness of everything” – where life forms, power relations, cultural agency and political tensions sit together in a complicated web of connections and conditions. How can we conceive of urban life through the lens of ecological thinking? How can we map the encounters, causations and reverberations that arise from living together in the cramped and condensed space of our cities?

The symposium will be divided into three parallel sub-sections that will approach urban ecologies on three different levels: (1) one focusing on material and structural ecologies, a (2) second one addressing encounters and social ecologies, and a (3) third level engaging with psychic ecologies and affects of urban living.
When signing up, please indicate which of the sub-section groups you want to join.

Participants will be asked to circulate a short paper (2-3 pages) that takes on their own research through the lens of the theme of the symposium. Participants will also be asked to hand in suggestions for other texts to be discussed in the groups.

3,4 ECTS points

Please register here.

When registering, please state the title of your paper and which of the three sub-sections you want to engage with.

Accommodation will unfortunately not be provided, but the University of Copenhagen will assist you in order for you to find affordable accommodation if needed.