Master class with Mieke Bal: Migratory Aesthetics: reading moving objects

PhD School at the Faculty of Humanities at University of Copenhagen

Migratory Aesthetic does not refer to migration per se, but to a state of the world, and specifically, Western societies, where migration – the movement of people – is the normal situation, rather than an exception. The part “aesthetics” of the concept means not beauty or museum art but sensate binding in public space. For our masterclass, the term can be extended to mean engaging images in movement, moving images which can be still but nevertheless move us, and other forms of engagement with visual images as they circulate. We would like the masterclass to be a collective practice of reading images in detail (as in “close reading”) with special focus on the way they move (in video) and / or move us (emotionally).

The masterclass consists of three parts. In one hour, Mieke Bal will explain the methodology underlying her work on visual moving art, with special attention to the video installation Nothing is missing, which participants will have had the opportunity to watch. The remaining time will be divided into two sessions.

Registration: Please register via this link - and do remember to include a short abstract (200 words) describing the aspects of your research project that you wish to discuss.
Deadline for registration and abstract: 16 August 2013.

Max. number of participants: 15.

Preparation: Participants are invited to send in a 2000–words paper three weeks before the masterclass. In this paper, which contains an image, they develop a case study, with special attention to method and movement. On the basis of these papers, a division will be organized between two groups, one session of 90 minutes each. All papers, divided and scheduled in a specific order, will be sent to all. All participants will read the papers, and for their own session will prepare a short (five minutes) presentation of how their own paper relates to the other papers in the session. The larger part of the scheduled time will be devoted to discussion. Please send your paper to: Deadline for papers: 30. September 2013.

Master: Professor Emeritus Mieke Bal is based at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), University of Amsterdam. For information on her work as a cultural analyst, critic and video artist, see:

Time: Wednesday 23 October 2013, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

ECTS: 1,6 with paper presentation.

Organiser: Network for Migration and Culture in collaboration with the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies and the PhD School, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen.