The theme for our PhD symposium meeting at the end of February (Feb 28, March 1st and 2nd 2013) is ECOLOGIES.

You should pick a group, join via the doodle link and provide your email. Suggest readings for your theme. Vote for five readings that will be discussed (1 hour each) on the friday, group presentation/report back to the wider group on Saturday.


Please sign up to a group on the dooddle link below (minimum 4, maximum 10 per group). You will then need to confirm your attendance to Kevin Molin (, also providing a brief description of your research interests. These details will then be passed to the relevant facilitators for each group, who will subsequently contact you to discuss which readings upon which you'd like, as a group, to focus.
Doodle link:

Themes may be understood to include, or go beyond, the following initial brainstorm:
EARTH: materiality, dirt, mining, land rights, national borders, space, dwelling, ground, turf...
AIR: atmosphere, airspace, pollution, pressure, ozone, altitude, weather, doldrums, foam, ether, inflation...
WATER: liquidity, tides, dams, drought, urine, flood, marine, irrigation, stream...
FIRE: fuel, technology, enlightenment, babylon, Molotov, torch, cooking, Sun, dragons...

These lists are neither thesaurus not exhaustive - please add more terms...

The email discussion in the run up to your visit to London will be facilitated by:
EARTH - Leila and Tiffany
AIR - Moritz and Sascha
WATER - Simon and Heidi
FIRE - Anisha and Kevin

The plan is that we will meet in Laurie Grove Baths Council room on thursday 28 Feb at 2:30pm.
There is a talk by Hito Steyerl that we will join at 6pm in NABLG02
The evening will involve a dinner and drinks at the home of Professor Helen Carr
(thank you as ever Helen - address on confirmation).

Friday - meeting from 10:30am in Laurie Grove Baths.
 Rooms - Council Room, G1, G3 and IM Lab (these are the CCS rooms in the front of the building).
 Lunch break (cafes in the area) at 1pm-2:30
 Afternoon sessions 2:30-5:30
 Friday evening - Arts/Theatre/Museum/Gallery event in London

Saturday 10:30 groups prepare presentation
1pm - Lunch
2:15pm Presentations to all
5:30pm Close (Participants are encouraged to visit New Cross House for drinks etc).