Courses 2016

Feb 25-27     
Situation of Knowing
Seminar Copenhagen-Paris-Lisbon-London
Venue: London

May 3-5       
Joint seminar, Copenhagen, Norway, Zürich, NYU
Venue: New York City

May 25-29      
Trans-Formations: Travelling cultures, cosmopolitan identities and migratory memories 2016 Sandbjerg Seminar
Venue: Sandbjerg Estate, Sonderborg                                           

June 2-4          
Mnemonics 2016: The Other Side of Memory: Forgetting, Denial, Repression
Venue: University of Illinois

June 20-24   
European Summer School for Cultural Studies
Venue: Leiden/ Amsterdam

June 19 - July 29
The School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University 2016
Summer Session

January 25-27 2017  
Joint Seminar Copenhagen-Paris-Lisbon-London-Amsterdam-Giessen-Norway
Venue: Lisbon